Asheville Ghost Stories
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Calvary Episcopal Church
Located in the North Carolina town of Fletcher, near Asheville, is
the Calvary Episcopal Church. While the church itself does not
boast a ghost, it has become a famous location over the years
where the "Phantom Rider of the Confederacy" has been seen.
This phantom rider is said to be the ghost of a young woman who
rides on a palomino horse and who appears for a few moments on
the road near this church and then gallops away, as if she is
being chased by someone."
City Hall, downtown Asheville
The City Hall is haunted by a man who committed suicide after
the Stock Market Crash.  Sounds very similar to the Jackson
Building haunting.  This spirit is reported to be wearing old
fashioned clothes.  He appears in the snack bar and seems to
wait in line and disappear, scaring the daylights out of the snack
bar employees and visitors.  Many employees have reported
finding their offices trashed when they report for work in the
Richmond Hill Inn
This B&B was built in 1889 by Richmond Pearson.  Guests have reported seeing a distinguished
looking gentleman wearing an old fashioned suit and a high collared white shirt, walking the
hallways at night.   Oddly enough, Zelda Fitzgerald, wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, has been seen
haunting the F. Scott Fitzgerald room of the inn.  Zelda died in a fire at the old Highland Hospital.
UPDATE: Richmond Hill Inn was destroyed by fire in March, 2009.  It was ruled arson.
Basilica of St. Lawrence
The Basilica of St. Lawrence is said to be haunted by Rafael Guastavino, the
designer of this church.  His body is entombed  within the walls of St. Lawrence.
Riverside Cemetery
This cemetery was created in 1885 and is the resting place of many famous
people, such as Thomas Wolfe.  It has been reported that the cemetery is
haunted by  a phantom Confederate regiment that is seen marching in formation.
A Phantom army eternally preparing for the Civil War Battle of Asheville that took
place in 1865?
The Hanging of Sneed and Henry
James Sneed and James Henry were hanged on May 29th, 1835.  They were convicted of
stealing a horse, a capital crime in those days.  They went to their deaths protesting their
innocence.  The gallows field was located near where Merrimon Ave. and Broadway Ave.
merge today.  The graves are said to be 60 feet from where they were hanged.  Unusual
sounds are heard in the area.  The sounds of a trap door of a gallows snapping open and
the sounds of a horse drawn wagon and the clip-clopping of horses' hooves.  
Shiloh Forestry Compound
The old Shiloh Forestry Compound is located near the Biltmore Estate and has been long
abandoned.  To this day there are reports of lights coming on and off and doors opening
and closing by themselves.  It is said to have been used by a prostitute, now dead, who can
be heard singing late at night.  There is a rope with a noose hanging from one of the
rafters.  Story goes that an unfortunate fellow was lynched there in the 1950's and his spirit
still lingers.   
Northside Grill and Bar
853 Merrimon Ave.
Many years ago, before Northside was a restaurant, the building housed apartments. It
is said a woman committed suicide in an upstairs apartment.  Employees now describe
uneasy feelings in the upstairs bar.  They will not go upstairs by themselves after
closing.  A shadowy, black figure has been seen.  
Dillsboro, NC - GSMR Tunnel - When Norfolk-Southern began expansion into the
southwest mountains of North Carolina, it was difficult for the company to find men able
to do the hard work required. Convicts were brought in to complete work on a tunnel
right outside of Dillsboro. To get to the site, the men had to cross a section of the
Tuckaseegee River on raft. One day, the raft flipped over in the rain-swollen river and
all of the convicts died (except one) because they were chained together. The men
were buried on the mountain above the tunnel. Sometimes, especially after a big rain,
people report hearing chains rattling and the echoes of men splashing in water yelling
for help. **Interesting fact about this tunnel** This is the same tunnel Harrison Ford
walks into in the movie 'The Fugitive'.
Dillsboro Tunnel
Warren Wilson College
Several locations on campus are haunted,  Bannerman computer lab, the chapel, the old
well on suicide ridge (although the name has nothing to do with an actual death), and
one of the teacher houses on the right side of the chapel (has a weird tree out front)
are all haunted. The basement of Sunderland Dorm was once a slaughterhouse and
many students and teachers have reported hearing cattle, smelling blood or meat, or
even seeing cattle in the basement. There is also said to be a power vortex on one of
the paths that goes past the farm.
Church of the Redeemer
1201 Riverside Drive
The church is home to the ghost of a woman who is seen leaving the cemetery
and walking across the street to the banks of the French Broad River.
Pastabilities Restaurant
743 Haywood Rd.
The building that houses Pastabilities was a theatre in the 1930's.  
Phantom footsteps are heard frequently going up and down the stairs.
Vance Birthplace
911 Reems Creek Rd
Apparitions have been seen in the log cabin and on the grounds.  
Across the street from Vance birthplace is Vance Cemetery Rd.  At
the end of the road is a very old cemetery that includes members
of the Vance Family and has graves that predate the Civil War. For
more on Vance Birthplace:
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Graystone Inn
Barnardsville, NC
Graystone Inn was built near an old settlement from the 1800's, now long
abandoned.  The cemetery from this settlement is above Graystone Inn.  A
Black Man was lynched there in the early 1900's for "flirting" with a White
Woman.  Most of the cabins report paranormal activity.
Bigfoot sightings are very frequent there.
For more info about Graystone Inn:
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Scandal's Nightclub
11 Grove St.
The apparition of a Native American woman has been spotted frequently in the
nightclub. The club experiences frequent, unexplained lighting problems.
Fletcher School of Dance
177 Patton Ave.
Construction workers doing work on the building have reported to me
that the building is haunted.  They have seen shadowy figures, heard
strange noises, and have had tools moved around.
Highland Park area of Montford
This was originally the site of a sanatorium for mentally ill people.  It burned in 1948 and nine
women, including Zelda Fitzgerald, wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, died in the fire.  People claim to
hear screams and see ghosts of the victims walking the streets.  
Waneta Street, Montford
In the 1920's, two women were bludgeoned to death on this street.  The murders
were never solved.  People have reported seeing the ghost of the murderer
walking the street carrying a pipe or stick.
South Asheville Colored Cemetery
Located on Dalton St. behind the St. John Baptist Church.  Dark apparitions are
frequently seen here.  People report feeling intense sadness in the cemetery.
Beaver Lake, North Asheville
The apparition of a young man is seen wandering along the shores of the lake.  He is believed to
be the spirit of a young man who drowned in the lake in the 1970's.  A woman is seen standing on
the dam, staring into the water. There have been multiple suicides there over the years.
Mountain Brew Cafe
3480 Sweeten Creek Rd, Arden
Mountain Brew Cafe is haunted by multiple ghosts, including a woman murdered on the 2nd
floor.  Restaurant customers frequently hear footsteps going up and down the stairs.
Update: Mountain Brew has closed, but the building is still there next to 12 Bones Restaurant.
Club Fusion
This Asheville nightspot occupies a former warehouse, over a century old, in Biltmore Village.
Poltergeist activity has been reported here, and from time to time a misty white human form
appears on security videotape, striding across the dance floor before disappearing. Peculiar
electrical, temperature, and light phenomena seem to cluster around the dance cages.
Balsam Inn
68 Seven Springs Dr. Balsam, NC  28707
This old Inn is home to several ghosts including The Woman In Blue.  Room 205 was the scene of
a death and is reported to be very haunted.  The local sheriff was murdered on the grounds.
Eagle Street
This street is haunted by the victims of the Will Harris Massacre. For more info on Will
Harris and to see the graves of his victims,
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